First Electronic Edition of I Ching

By Dan Baruth © 1998

System Requirements

The program IGING.EXE can be run with all Microsoft Operating Systems starting with DOS 3.1 (where a DOS mouse driver is needed), up to the current Windows 10. The minimum hardware requirements are a 386 CPU and a basic VGA Video System.

Program Installation

The downloaded self-extracting installation file ICHING_SE.EXE (59,813 bytes) contains three files: After downloading ICHING_SE.EXE, you may want to create a new folder (e.g. c:\iching or c:\Program Files\iching), copy the downloaded file into the folder of your choice, and then execute it.  For example: You copy  ICHING_SE  to  c:\iching  and execute  c:\iching\ICHING_SE; the extracted program files will now reside in c:\iching.

To run IGING.EXE in Windows, it may be convenient to send a shortcut of this program to your Desktop.


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